As part of the routine QA lifecycle, automation tests are run periodically on multiple QA environments covering various test suites and product features. All these automation runs generate one thing in common - Test Execution logs.

But as part of the usual QA process, we only capture the status of each verification point – The Test Summary report containing the list of Pass/Fail of test cases.

We do not explore the invaluable store of data in the test execution logs - the historical record of events.

The endeavor here is to provide a roadmap to leverage the data available in the Test Execution logs to generate invaluable insights into the health of the application under test as well as the quality of the automation test cases.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Current Scenario (How we do things currently ?)

- Best practices (What we can do better ?)

- Solution implementation (How to implement an architecture solution to achieve the best practices (including the concept of serverless architecture and cloud ?)

Learning Outcome

- Understand how test execution logs can be used to gain insight into application health

- Provide a data-backed answer to the question - Are we ready to release to production?

- Design a solution which provides on-demand scalability using the cloud

- Understand how the concept of serverless can be used to design scalable infrastructure

Target Audience

Automation QA, Test Architects, QA Managers, Software Architects

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