3 Layered Approach to Test Automation

Having people with varied expertise in your agile team, a layered approach to your test automation can help you leverage their different skill sets and make test automation a smooth, on-going continuous process. To do so, you need to know and understand the three layers of test automation and how to separate the code from the test. Writing tests in the language of the business allows all stake holders to participate and derive value out of the automation process. Let us discuss the correct separation as well integration of these layers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The talk will focus on showcasing the need to separate the code from the real test when structuring test automation. We will discuss the three layers of test automation, how they help and the best practices for their separation and integration. This structure can be implemented with different tools and frameworks.

Learning Outcome

>Learn what are the 3 layers of test automation

>Learn about each layer, its purpose and who can contribute to it

>See examples of implementation, separation and integration of these layers

>Where do you fit-in & how can you contribute?

>How this helps in making test automation a continuous, on-going process

Target Audience

Testers, Test Automation Engineers, Test Managers, Agile Team Leads, Scrum Masters

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