Creating stable and parallelized Windows environment using Azure DevTest Labs

Previously, I created Selenium Grid on Kubernetes environment for web test automation.

Because Docker image is distributed(docker-selenium), it became easy to create/scale Chrome / Firefox test automation environment.

However, there are still users who use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, and we need to let them use our service/website comfortably.

It is clear then that we have to either run manual tests automated tests on these browsers before the release.

However, creating Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge browser test automation environment is still difficult because of its license.

Therefore, we decided UI Testing strategy for multi-browser(prioritize the execution frequency and the number of test cases)

In addition, in order to realize faster and more stable QA feedback of Windows10 / Microsoft Edge, I created parallelized Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge test environment using Azure DevTest Labs.

In this talk, I will talk how to create this environment.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • ​​Our test automation for web application and problems(3min)
  • UI Testing strategy for multi-browser(2min)
  • ​​How to create Selenium environment for Microsoft Edge(3min)
  • Challenges in test environment for Microsoft Edge(2min)
  • What is Azure DevTest Labs, and basic usage(8min)
  • Advanced usages of Azure DevTest Labs(Custom image, shared IP address, Scheduled shutdown)(3min)
  • Advantages of using Azure DevTest Labs, and challenges・limitations.(2min)
  • Other solutions and comparison to them(such as Sauce Labs, AWS)(2min)
  • (Bonus) How to create Appium environment for Windows desktop applications(5min)
  • Demos(7min)
  • Q&A(5min)

Learning Outcome

For faster and more stable QA feedback, it is necessary to prioritize the execution frequency and the number of test cases to be executed by each browser.

Although it’s hard to create test automation environment compared to Chrome / Firefox, we could create stable and parallelized Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge test automation environment on cloud using Azure DevTest Labs.

Target Audience

QA Engineers / QA Automation engineers who need / interests test automation on Windows Platform(Edge/IE/WindowsApp)

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Selenium and Multi-browser testing.

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