Where Did That Chrome From? The DevTools Protocol in Selenium

Selenium 4 has added the ability to access all the Chrome Dev Tools capabilities from your Selenium test (just like the Puppeteer automation tool can). And those capabilities are amazing! From taking better screenshots, through monitoring and modifying network requests, all the way to stopping CSS animations and modifying the “time” of the application.

This talk will discuss those capabilities and what we can do with them. You will see that they are amazing, and you can do a lot of interesting stuff with them. We will get an overview of these capabilities, and see how some of them can be used in tests.

So get ready to embrace Chrome DevTools and start using those amazing capabilities in your tests.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

* Initializing DevTools Protocol

* Using it to take better screenshots

* Using it to simulate devices

* Using it to monitor network requests

* Various other users

* How these capabilties can help your tests

Learning Outcome

Start using Chrome DevTools in your tests

Target Audience

Testers interested in expanding Selenium capabilities

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of Selenium

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