Cypress vs Selenium WebDriver: Better, or just different?

There’s a new claim to the throne of functional test automation tools: Is Cypress fast? Yes. Is Cypress interactive? Yep. Is Cypress reliable? You bet. And best of all… it’s cool!

But is Cypress an alternative to Selenium WebDriver? Does Selenium, the current king of web automation and testing frameworks, cringe in fear for its position, or is it smiling benevolently at the supposed usurper, knowing full well that, well, it’s just a kid!

Is Cypress better than Selenium WebDriver? I get asked this a lot. And frankly, the easiest path of a “this vs that” talk is to try and find out which is “best”. But I will not take that path. Instead, I will try and explain how is Cypress different from Selenium WebDriver.

During this talk we will learn how to write Cypress test, how it’s used, and why it’s different from Selenium WebDriver.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

* The philosophical differences between the two

* Cypress Demo, including the interactive mode

* The Cypress Developer Experience

* Why Cypress is great at minimizing flakiness

* Record and replay: Cypress' byzantine execution model

* Backdoor access to developer stuff

* Summary

Learning Outcome

Learn the differences between the two, and when to use each

Target Audience

People interested in Cypress and understanding the pros and cons vs Selenium

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    • Gil Tayar

      Gil Tayar - Where Did That Chrome From? The DevTools Protocol in Selenium

      Gil Tayar
      Gil Tayar
      Senior Architect
      schedule 11 months ago
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      45 Mins

      Selenium 4 has added the ability to access all the Chrome Dev Tools capabilities from your Selenium test (just like the Puppeteer automation tool can). And those capabilities are amazing! From taking better screenshots, through monitoring and modifying network requests, all the way to stopping CSS animations and modifying the “time” of the application.

      This talk will discuss those capabilities and what we can do with them. You will see that they are amazing, and you can do a lot of interesting stuff with them. We will get an overview of these capabilities, and see how some of them can be used in tests.

      So get ready to embrace Chrome DevTools and start using those amazing capabilities in your tests.