Simplify Test Automation using Katalon Studio - Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

In this talk, Jagmit will explain with a demo as why to use Katalon Studio for API, Web, Mobile, and Desktop Automated Testing. Katalon Studio is built on top of the open-source automation frameworks Selenium, Appium with a specialized IDE interface. Frequently, Agile teams struggle with development, enhancement and maintenance of Custom Automation Framework. How does Katalon Studio help the end-users overcome these challenges and complexities? Katalon Studio comes with cool features e.g. pre-built keywords, integrations, multi-browser and cross-platform support. Because of Katalon Studio’s user-friendly features, manual testers with little to no programming skills can also contribute towards test automation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Challenges in Custom Automation Framework and how Katalon Studio can overcome these challenges
  • How manual testers with little to no programming skills can also contribute towards test automation using Katalon Studio
  • How to accelerate test automation with Katalon Studio
  • Demo of an Android App automated test in Katalon Studio
  • Some of the Katalon Studio's shortcomings

Learning Outcome

  • Attractive and user-friendly features in Katalon Studio e.g pre-built keywords, Mobile/ Web Spy, and Record feature
  • How to easily automate an Android App test scenarios using Katalon Studio
  • With Katalon Studio manual testers with little to no programming skills can easily automate Web and Mobile UI and API components

Target Audience

Test Automation Engineers, Manual Testers, UI Developers and Project Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

One should know the basics of Java, Selenium and Appium

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Public Feedback

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  • Pallavi ...
    By Pallavi ...  ~  6 months ago
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    Hi Jagmit

    Katalon studio is been around for a long time now, and has a wide user base. listed in gartner, capterra, and already serving 55,000+ small big companies across the world. So im not sure how an introduction of this tool to a selenium automation conference will benefit the audience?

    So how do you justify this talk about an already well known and marketed tool to audience of a test automation conference? 

    also u are targetting intermediate group, is this because you expect people to be familiar with selenium and appium?

    Robot framework is entirely open source and has a much wider spectrum of implementation then katalon. 

    to know about features of katalon anyone can go to their website and download recorded videos and find about it.

    what is available in this talk Jagmit which is different and not already available on the katalon website, can you please elaborate on that, it would be really helpful. 

    • Jagmit Singh
      By Jagmit Singh  ~  6 months ago
      reply Reply

      Yes Katalon is already being used by numerous companies across the world and it is gaining attention in automation community. My talk is not about the introduction to Katalon, but more to highlight the practical usefulness in comparison to Custom Frameworks.  More specifically will be targeting the Mobile Apps Automation using Katalon Studio as a Case Study with a demo. The information available on the Katalon website is more high level, not going much in specifics (e.g Case Study). Also Katalon Studio comes with its own share of challenges, which need to highlighted and brought up.  

      I am targeting intermediate groups who are familiar with Selenium and Appium. Because they will know challenges with Custom Framework build on top selenium and Appium. And any framework (e.g. Katalon Studio/Robot Framework) which help in reducing those challenges, bring interest and attention. Also there are numerous challenges with Robot Framework, and how Katalon Studio can bridge those gaps. There are features available in Katalon Studio (to name few e.g. Mobile/Web Spy, Eclipse based IDE, Inbuild drivers/integration), which are lacking in Robot Framework.

      • Pallavi ...
        By Pallavi ...  ~  6 months ago
        reply Reply

        There are numerous solutions like Katalon out there in market today, doing exactly same thing, were before Katalon, and came after it as well, and they will continue coming up. They exists both in open source and commercial world. 

        Thank you for your detailed answer to the question i have asked. I do not have any more questions in here. thanks Jagmit. 

  • Robin Gupta
    By Robin Gupta  ~  7 months ago
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    While the talk seems intriguing, can you please add details around the below points for holistic coverage of the topic:

    1. Comparison of Katalon studio with other contemporary platforms
    2. Integration into CI/CD pipeline
    3. Paid components
    4. Workarounds for the shortcomings of the platform
    • Jagmit Singh
      By Jagmit Singh  ~  7 months ago
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      Here are the answers to the list of questions

      1) Comparison of Katalon studio with other contemporary platforms (e.g. Robot Framework)
      Both Katalon Studio and Robot Framework are built on top of Selenium and Appium framework and can be used for web, mobile and web services automation. Detailed comparison can be made on following core functional areas.
      - Installation and Deployment: Katalon Studio is built as a unified bundle which includes almost all necessary things like Java, Android SDK, Web drivers to drive browsers, and required dependencies. On the other hand Robot Framework being a Open Sources Project, have to individually install various dependencies and necessary components.  

      - Test Management and Usability: Katalon Studio comes with comprehensive GUI, which includes menus, test objest, test suites, keywords and listeners. And for usability Katalon Studio provides Object Spy Capability (e.g. Mobile and Web Spy).  On the other hand Robot Framework comes with basic IDE capability (e.g. RIDE) and does not provide in-built Object Spy Capability.

      2) Integration into CI/CD pipeline
      Katalon Studio supports console mode execution, which can be utilized for integration with popular CI tools such as Jenkins and TeamCity. 

      3) Paid Components
      Starting from Katalon Studio version 7.0.0,  licensing was introduced while still maintaining a free Katalon Studio IDE:

      - Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE): Paid IDE with exclusive features and professional Support
      - Katalon Runtime Engine (RE): Paid engine to execute tests in CI/CD infrastructures 

      4) Workarounds to overcome Katalon Studio Shortcomings

      Katalon feature set is still expanding, and if a user feel that a valuable feature is lacking. Then he/she can develop it in either Java or Groovy and further integrate seemlessly within Katalon Studio IDE. Katalon Studio is a plugin based Open Platform and supports seemless integration.

  • Kayleigh Jenkins
    By Kayleigh Jenkins  ~  8 months ago
    reply Reply

    This is going to be the best conference. I am looking forward to it.

    • Jagmit Singh
      By Jagmit Singh  ~  8 months ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks Kayleigh for the interest in the topic. Looking forward for meeting you at the conference. 

  • Saman Thomas
    By Saman Thomas  ~  8 months ago
    reply Reply

    Hope to see your topic, Jagmit!

    • Jagmit Singh
      By Jagmit Singh  ~  8 months ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks Saman for the interest in the topic. 

  • Mary Neal
    By Mary Neal  ~  8 months ago
    reply Reply

    Great job Jagmit! This may be very helpful for us. Thanks a lot and hope to see your topic soon.

    • Jagmit Singh
      By Jagmit Singh  ~  8 months ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks Mary for the interest in the proposal. Hoping to see you at the conference

  • Anant Kumar
    By Anant Kumar  ~  8 months ago
    reply Reply

    I think the submission could be improved by:

    • Re-upload the slide related to Katalon instead of Espresso, but I know due to the rush time, you couldn't make it until get approved from the admin team.

    Hope to see you in the conference day.

    • Jagmit Singh
      By Jagmit Singh  ~  8 months ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks Anant for the feedback. I understand the slides are related to Espresso instead of Katalon. And here are few reasons 1) As you cited, a this stage still waiting for the proposal to be accepted and upon acceptance will work on slide preparation 2) At the time proposal submission there was an option to upload slides for past presentation, so I did likewise.

  • 20 Mins

    In this talk, I will speak about the process and strategies on how can one analyze and select the right tools for test automation. We will look at some tools and processes that help to select the tools, frameworks, libraries, etc.

    I will demonstrate some helpful extensions and tools that will be very handy and useful during the process

    This process can be carried out before every test automation project or engagement. The selection of the right tools will help throughout the process of automation and will help to avoid delays, changes, re-work, incomplete automation, etc. and will save a lot of time, effort and resources for the organization.

    The session is designed for anyone in the Software Testing industry and the knowledge received from this session can be implemented right away in any of the upcoming or existing test automation projects.