We are living in the era of fast paced software development . Quality was always a concern and will always be . Now as the industry is demanding to shorten the testing time , its getting more hard and challenging to cope with the speed of development in the same agile mode.

Lets understand what we can contribute and make ourselves future ready on software testing.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

whats happening in software testing world.

How selenium is changing the way organization thinks and adapt automation.

How easy integration of selenium/maven based automation framework is making Continuous integration a success.

what different kind of organization thinks while implementation of selenium based automation , what other expectation drives the whole agile development cycle.

Learning Outcome

The attendees will be able to understand how selenium is the best solution for browser testing in agile development .

Points to remember while adapting selenium for big projects.

They will be able to understand where is the gap when there is a problem of not so good quality delivery or deliverables.

Target Audience

Test engineers , QA/QC professionals , The beginners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Good to have software testing and agile development model understanding.

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    • Pallavi Sharma

      Pallavi Sharma - Learn Selenium with JavaScript

      Pallavi Sharma
      Pallavi Sharma
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      Selenium is a popular open source test automation tool, so popular it has its own conference event which run for 3 whole days across continents and is attended by hundreds of enthusiastic testers, and people wanting to know more about testing and automation. In my little experience of coaching for last 7 years, i feel what english language has done for common man[those from non english speaking countries] in earning bread and butter and giving them an elite status, selenium has done for manual testers.

      Anyone and everyone wants to learn Selenium. The magic of selenium or the flexibility is that it can be learnt with your choice of programming languages. I have taught people Selenium with Java, C#, Python and Ruby largely in past these years. I wish to delve into the world of Javascript now and see what this has to offer to us. So this workshop is for those open minded souls out there who wish to pick up another language and learn, unlearn, relearn selenium with it.