Resilience Testing - How Chaos Engineering is helping in building resilient systems

With the amount of digital transactions happening day by day, businesses cannot afford to have downtimes. Imagine being presented with an error screen or a message saying - System is getting upgraded/ System failed when browsing a video on any OTT.

In order to have services up 24X7 we need to know the failure points of our systems and how to mitigate it gracefully. Chaos Engineering and Testing helps us identify that and allows businesses to built scalable, fault tolerant and resilient systems .


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Need for resilient systems.
  • What is Chaos Engineering
  • why do we need chaos engineering.
  • What do we need for chaos testing
  • breaking things - in a planned way
  • Mitigation plans when things go awry
  • Tooling

Learning Outcome

People who take part would know

  • a new topic
  • how to test infra for a project
  • new aspect of non functional testing
  • how to build a scalable system
  • know how to pin point failure points in infra

Target Audience

Everyone who attends needs to know it. Particular focus on people related to non functional testing.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    • Khanh Do

      Khanh Do - Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to create self-healing tests

      Khanh Do
      Khanh Do
      QA Architect
      schedule 1 year ago
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      45 Mins

      A key requirement for successful test automation is to get past the brittle or fragile nature of test scripts. Any Selenium (or Appium) developer has encountered the dreaded "NoSuchElement Exception". A locator that worked yesterday may fail today. What's a test engineer to do?

      Fortunately the field of AI provides promising solutions and allows for the creation of self-healing tests. Tests that can find elements across all environments. Tests that can learn from "human-in-the-loop" intervention and work perfectly thereafter. Imagine automated tests that "just work"!

      This session will look at how to apply the latest in AI and Machine Learning technologies to improve your test scripts. With the plethora of new open source AI libraries made available by companies such as Google, the ability to leverage AI in your applications is more accessible than ever.

      This session will be a primer on AI technologies and how they can be utilized for perfect test automation.