Codeless automation - the definitive guide

As codeless automation tools rise (again) in popularity, will record and playback disappoint us again? We'll take a deeper look into what is vs. isn’t possible from codeless solutions. We’ll then discuss some approaches to fill the gaps where codeless solutions fall short.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

We’ll start by discussing the most important features you should expect from an automation platform.

We’ll then review those features to determine if they are doable in codeless, and if not, what’s a viable workaround.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the key features every test automation platform should include.
  • Learn where codeless automation tools fall short.
  • Pick up workarounds to help you fill codeless tool automation gaps.

Target Audience

SDET / Devs / Manual testers / Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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Public Feedback

    • 20 Mins

      In this talk, I will speak about the process and strategies on how can one analyze and select the right tools for test automation. We will look at some tools and processes that help to select the tools, frameworks, libraries, etc.

      I will demonstrate some helpful extensions and tools that will be very handy and useful during the process

      This process can be carried out before every test automation project or engagement. The selection of the right tools will help throughout the process of automation and will help to avoid delays, changes, re-work, incomplete automation, etc. and will save a lot of time, effort and resources for the organization.

      The session is designed for anyone in the Software Testing industry and the knowledge received from this session can be implemented right away in any of the upcoming or existing test automation projects.

    • Andrew Murphy

      Andrew Murphy - Leadership Antipatterns - A guide on how to alienate and dis-empower your team

      90 Mins

      There's a huge problem in our industry, I call it "inertia-driven leadership".

      We promote our "rock star" engineers, with their excellent technical skills, into leadership positions; then we sit back and watch as they fail.

      We wonder why they fail at leadership but the answer is simple, we don't support them to improve their people skills!

      In fact, we often don't even help them realise that the role of a "senior developer" is drastically different to that of a "leader"

      What we can we do to stop inertia in our new leaders?

      How can we support them to learn the soft skills they need?

      How can we position with them that those soft skills are important to their career?

      That is what we will discuss in this session.

    • Oren Rubin

      Oren Rubin - Code vs. Codeless Test Automation: How to Choose?

      Oren Rubin
      Oren Rubin
      Founder and CEO of Testim
      schedule 10 months ago
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      45 Mins

      As codeless automation tools rise in popularity, we'll take a deeper look to see what lies beneath. While many believe that codeless solutions will continue to gain in popularity due to the simplicity of recording tests which empower non-developers with the ability to automate. You'll be surprised how far from the truth this really is.

      In this talk, we will compare the pros and cons of both code and codeless options, which will help you make a more clear and sound decision regarding your automation stack.