Through discussion, group dynamics and knowledge sharing, Varuna Srivastava, Lead Quality Analyst of ThoughtWorks will facilitate exchanging ideas regarding, how to plan, where to start, how to build the performance script using Taurus.

This talk will walk through on optimizing performance scripts of API's using Taurus. Demo to learn how to write and run test automation using Taurus. We will walk through our journey of writing script for an enterprise application and how it helped in accounting the bottlenecks of APIs during the sprint


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Popular performance testing tools 5 mins
  2. Features of existing tools
 5 mins
  3. The vision of ideal performance test tool
 3 mins
  4. Test AUtomation RUnning Smoothly (i.e. TAURUS)
 5 mins
  5. How Taurus overcomes limitations 5 mins
  6. Demo 7 mins
  7. Integration with Blazemeter reporting. 5 mins
  8. Q&A 10 mins

Learning Outcome

1. Practical experience testing and debugging an API for performance.

  1. Practical experience writing automated performance tests.
  2. A robust and scalable framework for performance testing of api using Taurus.
  3. Understand the impact of performance testing in agile delivery.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in performance testing

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of performance testing

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Public Feedback

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