Copying of files in a time-stamped directory or by renaming the files itself is often used to keep older versions. This approach is very common because it looks so simple in the first place, but it is actually incredibly error prone.
In today’s world of CI/CD pipelines where new versions of our production and test code has to be checked out at speed, it is unthinkable to have such a version control system in place. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and get a proper version control system in place for your CI/CD pipelines. But not only the selection and usage of a version control system makes you knowledgeable, no, learning by making frugal experiments, failing, pairing and explaining it to others is what makes you a brave explorer and brings you to success.

Start using the version control System Git can be daunting and frustrating. But knowing how Git works and how to use it to your advantage in your unique context is getting more and more essential if not even crucial. Especially if you want to work with CI/CD and take care collaboratively on the productive and test automation codebase in your team, you have to know Git.
It is a long way to the top if you want to Rock ‘n’ Roll with Git and this workshop is the perfect start for it. In 90 minutes you will learn how to use the basic commands on the command line. You will pair up with another passionate astronaut and explore some Git models and concepts hands-on based on a storyline.

Whether you have just started working with Git or want to refresh your existing basic knowledge or you are a novice and eager to learn it, this power workshop is for you. Come in and explore with a learning partner of the group what Git feels like.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

You will learn the basic Git concepts by working in pairs based on a funny storyline!

Learning Outcome

Key Learnings/Takeaways

  • Understand how the basic Git concepts initializing, adding, committing, pushing, fetching, merging and pulling really work
  • Learn how to write a proper and clean commit message
  • Experience how you can go further and explore Git with the help of its concepts and models
  • Learn how to spin up and run your own self-hosted Git remote repository manager

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Please make sure you have the following things installed on your machine BEFORE joining this workshop:

Thank you!

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Public Feedback

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  • Maaret Pyhajarvi
    By Maaret Pyhajarvi  ~  6 months ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Simon,

    two years ago, Git session turned out to be quite popular but if I recall it correctly, it was a shorter (90 minute) version. Is yours full day or do you have a shorter version to consider too?

    • Simon Berner
      By Simon Berner  ~  6 months ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Maaret

      Thanks for asking! Yes, I also can offer a 2h or 4h version. Let me know if that helps

      • Anand Bagmar
        By Anand Bagmar  ~  5 months ago
        reply Reply

        Hi Simon,

        Unfortunately, the conference is unable to accept additional full-day workshops due to logistics issues on the conference days. As an alternative, would you be interested in modifying your full-day workshop submission to either a 90-min mini-workshop or a 45 min session which can be reviewed by the program team for selection?

        While we understand modifying the content of a full-day workshop to a 45-min or 90-min is not ideal, at least this way you get a chance to share your learning and knowledge with the attendees.

        If you agree, can you please edit this proposal of your accordingly and drop a note to the program team in form of a comment once updated?

        Regards, Anand

        • Simon Berner
          By Simon Berner  ~  5 months ago
          reply Reply

          Hi Anand

          Ok I see, then let's make a 90 minutes mini power workshop ;)
          I have updated the abstract accordingly.

          Cheers, Simon

          • Sai Krishna
            By Sai Krishna  ~  5 months ago
            reply Reply

            Hi Simon,

            Can you please elaborate on what topics will be covered in the 90min session?



            • Simon Berner
              By Simon Berner  ~  5 months ago
              reply Reply

              Hi Sai

              We will have a look the basic concepts like initialization, adding, committing... just to name a few ;)
              Have a look at the key takeaways of the abstract, there you will find a bit more. All the other things will be surprises within the 90min.

              Of course it all depends if my session gets accepted for the conference ;)

              Cheers, Simon

              • Srinivasan Sekar
                By Srinivasan Sekar  ~  5 months ago
                reply Reply

                Hi Simon,

                > All the other things will be surprises within the 90min.

                The idea behind the ask is not to get a surprising answer :) Abstract and Outlines are not just for the reviewers. It is for our attendees as well. Please do update the proposal with finer details so attendees can also decide as well.

                - Srini.

                • Simon Berner
                  By Simon Berner  ~  5 months ago
                  reply Reply

                  Hi Srini

                  Thanks for your feedback. I adapted the Key Learnings/Takeaways accordingly. I hope that helps.
                  If you need finer details, let me know.

                  Cheers, Simon