Finding product market fit for testing tools

How often do we use a product that sort of fits exactly? Being in testing means to adapt to the tools more than one. At different levels, it becomes difficult for testers to find a tool that sort of interests a wider audience (Developers, Product managers & more stakeholders). Having been a tester & Product owner, we made a move to speak to developers & the kind of tool that they would be willing to adapt to which impacts the engineering from a holistic perspective.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The constant search of the right tool
  • Finding the right problem
  • Validating the problem in a way that gets adopted
  • How our experience in testing & understanding the customers shapes the way the products get developed
  • Nitty-gritty & Niche of building testing products
  • Widening the view & the kind of audience we need to build the product

Learning Outcome

  • Our experience on effectively putting a tool at the use
  • You will learn how developers & other stakeholders react to such tools
  • How you can research and questions to ask to "Potential users"
  • The time it takes for any of this to happen!

Target Audience

Mobile apps, Performance Testing, Deep Analytics

Prerequisites for Attendees

You know mobile apps

You understand the importance of tool adoption

You know performance testing & how it impacts adoption

You understand the real pain in solving testing problems

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