The Drive-Thru Is Not Always Faster: Alternative Solutions to Testing Problems

How many times have you sat in line at the drive-thru window waiting and waiting? You watch as some people park their car, walk inside, buy their food, and then leaveā€¦ all while you are still in line.

The drive-thru window was created to speed up the process and make things faster and pick up more efficient. However, going into the restaurant can get you the food faster many times.

In Agile environments, we are called upon to evaluate and determine alternative solutions at many stages throughout the development lifecycle. If we are not careful, we sometimes focus on a proven path that feels fastest, when there are better ways to achieve success. We are not required to continue our role the same way with every situation.

You are not alone. Many testers feel these constraints daily and share the same struggles which call for an alternative approach to reaching a solution.

Learning from the experiences of others is a proven method to plan for success. In this presentation, Mike Lyles will share his discussions with various leaders and practitioners in testing, their struggles, their strategies to overcome them, and their creative approaches to providing alternative solutions to make their testing organizations successful.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Topics will include:

  • Things don't always go as planned - how do we handle this?
  • Surrounding yourself with other great testers to grow
  • Testing is not a box to check
  • Do they trust your test team?
  • Do you trust them??
  • You are not alone - how others deal with the issues you are facing
  • Old School processes
  • Regulations & Red Tape
  • "Anybody can test"
  • Working with your team - internally with the test team and organizationally
  • What is "Quality" to you? Your organization?
  • Understanding the "Why" of your team

Learning Outcome

Key Takeaways:

  • Survey responses from testers from all over the world
  • A discussion on the common problems every test team will face today
  • Suggestions from the community on how to approach and resolve the daily challenges
  • Strategies that can be implemented immediately in your team

Target Audience

All levels and roles - discussion around testing practices and words from the community

Prerequisites for Attendees

N/A - come prepared to hear the stories from other testing professionals.

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