It’s been quite a while when the keywords DevOps and SecOps hit the world. It slowly became a trend and why does QA fall behind, right?

In the agile world, by all means, QAOps exist and guess what, it has been working like a charm in a lot of cross-functional teams.

QAOps has lead open a gate with a plethora of areas to test, learn, experiment, build and rearchitect the ways we used to test or even manage our test infrastructure.

So, what is QAOps?

QAOps in action comprises of but not limited to the following;

Testing at scale and Scale for testing:

These two may sound like synonyms but in fact, are two different paradigms and QAOps fits perfectly here.

(Dev + QA)* Ops = DevOps + QAOps

Yes, it is precisely that ways, there are no silos of Dev or QA or Ops. QA helps dev in both finding and fixing bugs, similarly, Dev helps QA in introducing new flavours in architecture and now the Ops part of it, wherein they both actively approach QA and dev with an operations angle.

Continuous development, continuous testing and hence continuous highly quality deliverables, using the best possible tools to facilitate this flow.

IAAC: Infra As A Code

Is no longer a concept for DevOps or devs, but scaling your test infra now needs detailed, precise and hence plan for gigantic architectures to scale for any kind of tests.

QAOps is also about going beyond cliche testing approaches and areas. It’s about digging deeper into deployments, performance, security, monitoring.

It ranges from about challenging Kubernetes cluster configs to monitoring milliseconds of changes in the performance, to also be able to pick an issue in what microservices to whitelist and what not if we had to deep dive into security aspects.

QAOps is also about testing the deliverables by DevOps.

Of course, QAOps includes automation, selective and precise automation which would deliver the most ROI.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction to QAOps
  • How it is structured and where it fits
  • Highlights of QAOps and how it has turned effective
  • How to leverage it in your existing SDLC
  • What changes to bring in? Tools and techniques

Learning Outcome

  • Test the QAOps way
  • Testing doesn’t stop at the staging or deployment phase, change of mindset
  • Tools and techniques to employ
  • Continuous journey to a world where optimizations never cease

Target Audience

SDET, QA Leads, Automation Engineers, Manual testers, Test architects and managers, DevOps,

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