End to end testing strategies for intelligently connected hybrid world of IoT

The intelligent mesh of devices is nothing but connecting millions of users, use cases, apps, and devices together to support application developed based on the internet of things. Currently, we see around the world that there are thousands of use cases, millions of apps, billions of users and trillions of things and if you think QA and testing in the interconnected intelligent devices then the scope would be very wide as verification and validation will be applicable in each interface and as and when grows.
I will talk about the challenges faced during IoT application testing and how it can go wrong. To thorough test all the area with the given challenges and IoT test lab is setup. What all are the solution to overcome the challenges. Some important aspects like continuous integration of hybrid environment and testing with multiple devices and with millions of use cases, to improve the existing conventional method with intelligent automation, and most important is scalability and security.

Although testing emerging technology and applications always is exciting, seeing their own strategies and tools fail in IoT testing can be frustrating even for well-seasoned testers. I aim to provide testers with a better understanding of connected systems like smart cities, connected enterprise and help them to apply their critical thinking to deal with uncertainty in their test objects.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • Introduction on Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Approach to testing the intelligently connected world of IoT
  • Uncertainties in a testing connected hybrid environment
  • Open-source and commercial test automation tools for IoT testing

Learning Outcome

At the end of the session, attendees will learn about:

1. What are the uncertainties in Testing this connected system?
2. Approach to test IoT based application
3. How IoT testing is different from conventional testing

Target Audience

QA, Project Manager, Automation tester, performance tester, IoT application developers and testers, Security testers

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites for this session.

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  • Pallavi ...
    By Pallavi ...  ~  6 months ago
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    Hi Rajni

    This looks like a great talk. I would have a small suggestion, could you rephrase the title of the talk so that it also captures that you are going to talk about the IoT applications, and testing challenges associated with it. 

    and i have a question - the framework you are going to show as a demo, is it properitary to your organization? Will it be something available on github for people to explore after your talk?



    • rajni singh
      By rajni singh  ~  6 months ago
      reply Reply

      Hi Pallavi 

      Thank you for suggestion, will change the topic name now something like automation framework for integarted hyperconnect world of IoT or in similar lines. 

      And about the framework of IoT, this is developed by me from my learning, implemented in 2 IoT projects, would share with community in sometime that anyone can access . Also, creating videos on how to use. 

      Thanks once again for suggestions. 

      • Pallavi ...
        By Pallavi ...  ~  6 months ago
        reply Reply

        Hi Rajni, Thank you for writing back. helps to understand the proposal better.