Building reusable test automation framework

Building a reusable loosely coupled framework was never so easy. This involved huge efforts to be invested .

This workshop gives you the skill to create a data driven framework from scratch for web and mobile devices which is auto integrated to test management tools and messaging systems .


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Presentation includes step by step approach to build a framework from scratch

Learning Outcome

Learn how to build a reusable scalable automation framework for web and mobile

Target Audience

Beginers , Intermediate

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge on Selenium and Java

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    • SWAPNA Narayanan

      SWAPNA Narayanan - How to build a simple automation tool for your organization

      SWAPNA Narayanan
      SWAPNA Narayanan
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      45 Mins
      Case Study

      Ever wondered how to develop a simple automation tool using selenium ?

      Create a simple automation tool for your organization in no time. This presentation demonstrates multiple ideas to build a script less automation tool from scratch in most simple ways through multiple architectural designs and diagrams.

      Why we need a tool on top of selenium ?

      Selenium is a powerful automation tool to automate any application. It can be clubbed with Appium, Jmeter etc for additional coverage.

      Functional , Web ,Mobile and Performance testing coverage can be managed this way.

      Problem statement:

      We need people with some coding skills to write the test cases and execute them in selenium / Appium. When it comes to building scalable and reusable frameworks, we need automation experts.

      I have seen a lot of teams from my e-commerce, Insurance and banking domain backgrounds with great domain expertise and no or minimal coding exposure .They are keen to explore and utilize the power of automation for the redundant regression tasks.

      Solution :

      A script-less automation tool will fill the gap in the above scenario.

      For any off the shelf tool there is a high cost involved.

      If the tool is built internally , comparatively very less cost is involved.

      More over, many additional functionalities like meaningful reports, AI metrics, NLP capabilities, integration with Test management tools etc can be integrated according to the requirements.

      The scope of this session starts here. This session will inspire you and gives you many ideas on creating tools for your need to get maximum ROI and build the gap between core domain experts and automation testing.

      Beneficiaries :

      Product owners , business analysts , functional experts who can start writing test cases on a daily basis , leveraging all the opportunities that selenium offers to the fullest, without actually writing a single line of code.

      What to expect from this session ?

      I will walk you through my experiences and the knowledge we gained as a team while we worked on building multiple automation tools.

      Different architectural diagrams that can be handy when you actually start to think and implement an automation tool project will be discussed.

      Ideas on different implementation capabilities using different Front end technologies and database designs will be discussed.

      Demo of an internal tool developed will complete the session