Selenide and VAVR are the best team for automation with Java.

Firsto of all, I want to explain each tool individually.

VAVR: Vavr is a library that brings Scala's monadic methods and structures to Java. Vavr helps to reduce the lines of code and improve the functional theory in Java. Vavr has monads such as Try, Option, Future and data structures, such as Either, List, Tuple and other things very attractive like Pattern Matching.

SELENIDE: Selenide is a library that uses selenium to apply to front-end code in the browser. Selenide allows that testing web pages will be easy. Selenide has timers, conditions, get properties about HTML. It is a great tool to testing web page.

This items help to automate test very easily and more effective for our projects. Additional to that, I want to show why to make unit test to automation projects is necessary. We as automaters, we make methods and calls that need to be tested. Thus, I want to start a new methodology: "Perform unit tests on automation projects".

However, in the talk I want:

* To make a brief explanation about all items (VAVR, SELENIDE, UNIT TEST IN AUTOMATION PROJECTS)

* After that I want to explain, how all tools form a great team for QA automation.

Mainly I want to discuss about data structures in vavr vs data structures in Java.util, also about vavr's monads.

I want to explain about selenide too (get data, checking data, update fields.)


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Presentation and live code

Learning Outcome

Improve the future code that the attendees will write.

Know about Vavr

know about Selenide

I want to explain that make automation is create software too

Target Audience

Developers, QA automaters, QA

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understand Java and data structure in Java.

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