A tester is not a great tester without effective communication skills

Testing -Manual Testing, Performance testing or Automatic testing, whatever it may be! It is incomplete without effective communication. It is nevertheless a thing to be avoided but an first and foremost skill for great tester.

This talk highlights the importance of effective and efficient communication in a timely manner. It not only helps the tester but also the entire team. The situation where the communication must be made and the places where it should not be made should be understood for building a quality product.

It is not only about individual communication but also describes the whole as a team(testers, developers, Business Analysts, stakeholders). The benefits of having effecting communication and how important it is in solving various issues.

Effective communication skills for testers is not only about talking and presenting but also careful and eager listening.

It plays a vital role in gathering requirements, building an effective and efficient testing lifecycle process, avoiding conflicts, not missing any problems, bugs and promotes in building very high quality product.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. What is effective communication all about

2. Importance of effective and efficient communication

3. How it impacts lifecycle of testing and also software development lifecycle

4. What should be done and what should not be done

5. Ensuring quality and perfection in the testing process with the help of effective communication

6. Promoting high quality and ensuring customer success

(With slides and interactive session)

Learning Outcome

1. Improved observation skills

2. Effective listening ability which helps in many areas

3. Ability to express your views at the right time

4. High 'Return on Investment' by ensuring high quality product at the end of testing lifecycle

5. Satisfaction in the workplace

6. Avoiding conflicts between Developer and Tester

Target Audience

People from Testing background, Devops resources and Business Analysts

Prerequisites for Attendees


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