Reduce test scripts execution time by Deeplinks

This Talk will be having :

What Deep link is & How we can make effective use of these links to reduce the overall execution time of our scripts.

Why we should use deep link ??

There are some scenarios where we have to follow some navigation steps to reach the actual page for validation. Deeplinks helps us to skip this unnecessary navigation and lends directly to required page and hence reduce execution time of our Test case script. We use Mainly for:

  1. Reduce execution time
  2. Reduce the amount of failures that are caused due to navigation through the app


Deeplink helps us to directly lend on required page.Deep linking is a fancy way to refer to a URL that points to a specific part of an app. It’s analogous to a URL that points to a subfolder of a website. For example if I wanted to send you a message page of linkedin, I would send you a URL that immediately brought you to the message page, not send you to the home page to navigate to it yourself from there.

Eg: We have following flow of our app:

Page A > . Page B > Page C > Page D and we have validation test on Page C only.
So rather than going through Page A to Page B to page C, We can directly lend to Page C using Deeplinks & hence reduce the time efforts.

Where can we use deeplinks?

These links are most suitable for mobile app Testing (iOS and Android)

Case Study:

I tried this strategy in one e commerce website Test case steps:

Scenario Used –

  1. Create user via api with saved CC, saved shipping address and added products in basket
  2. Navigate to home page and sign in (Deeplink used)
  3. Navigate to basket (Deeplink used)
  4. Navigate to checkout and place order (using UI )
  5. Navigate back home page from order confirmation page (Deeplink Used)

We came up with following time difference:

  1. Execution time without deeplink – 5 min 01 sec
  2. Execution time with deeplink – 3 min 46 sec

For this sample script which will be mentioned above, difference in the execution time(1 min 15 sec) is significant.

We'll also showcase the code snippet for this.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Its a discussion on using Deeplinks in test automation scripts

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of deeplinks
  • How to use deeplinks in required areas
  • Better outcome in terms of Execution time.

Target Audience

Autoamtion testers

Prerequisites for Attendees

A small understanding of deeplinks

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