Have you ever wondered how Selenium works under the covers? Do you get frustrated with locators not locating, pages not loading, or browsers behaving inconsistently from one run to the next? Selenium is an attempt to unify thousands of disparate elements across a wide spectrum of challenges into a single, common interface that works seamlessly with all the major browsers - and yet only a handful of volunteers work to maintain this gigantic effort. If you would like to enhance your own Selenium experience while contributing back to the software that has defined so many of our careers, come to this workshop. In it we'll dissect the different elements of Selenium, dive into its internals, learn how it was built and how to make changes to it, and even write a unit test you can contribute on the same day!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Join Simon Stewart, the creator of the WebDriver interface, as we:

  • Survey the different parts of the system
  • Learn where the language bindings and browser internals originate
  • See how the source code is structured
  • Learn how to build Selenium on your own desktop
  • Write a unit test and create a pull request to contribute it back
  • Understand how releases get cut
  • Search out the bug database for an issue you can fix during the workshop
  • Ask questions in the presence of several of the core committers
  • Learn what it takes to become one of the core committers. This free, Open Source project always needs more help

Learning Outcome

Deep dive into Selenium Project and hopefully when you leave, you would be able to start contributing to the open source project.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in understanding the internals of Selenium Project

Prerequisites for Attendees

Please make sure you've the latest code checked out and working from https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium and https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/docs

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    Simon Stewart - Selenium: State of the Union

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    Simon Stewart
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    What's the latest in the world of Selenium since the last SeleniumConf? In this talk, we'll cover Selenium 4, how the project is run, how you can participate, reminiscing on the Old Days, and reflect on something that at first doesn't appear to be related to Selenium, yet is intimately related to it.

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    Vaibhav Singhal - Helping Test & Test Automation with AI-ML

    Vaibhav Singhal
    Vaibhav Singhal
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    Case Study

    "To implement or use AI (mostly creating a solution to help in testing) you don't need to be an expert or some certified data scientist etc. My talk revolves around how being a normal automation tester, we see some challenges and with limited knowledge, we start leveraging AI to help in our test. Talk create a mindset and case study how AI may help you in some of your day to day challenges in testing."

    The impact of AI has penetrated our lives and increasing daily. Related to AI-ML existence in Testing, two scenarios are:

    - Testing AI programs

    - AI helping Testing

    This talk is related to later aspects of "AI Helping Testing". There are a number of possible ways how it is impacting and many companies are already working on developing tools around same and many test solutions are already available in market.

    Whenever AI keywords are intercepted, the common image is of "autonomous car, robots" and then the question, how these cars and robots will help us in testing, rather the thought should be these the outputs of AI.

    AI/ML can be leveraged in the number of areas and scenarios to solve and help in our day to day testing activities. This talk would discuss about AI/ML, its impact, some existing solutions available, doing brainstorming ideas, so you can identify in your project. Also, USE CASE how we took AI benefit to solve our Automation problem.

    Use Case - Problem Statement

    1- Multiple automation suites running daily and sharing reports. Each report is having some failures. To do defect triaging for multiple failures is difficult.

    Solution: Displaying consolidated reports of actual and new failures suggested by the prediction model (qa analysis on failures was reduced by 80%) based on classification & Deep learning..

    2- Auto analysis while bug reporting directly to bug management tool.

    Solution: Model predicting the defect is already raised in bug management tool, as per the score it would take appropriate action to create new, update, no action, only notification to team etc.

    Talk includes below takeaways:

    1- Understanding how is AI/ML/Deep learning specifically in software testing.

    2- Brainstorming how to leverage AI to help in your tests.

    3- Initial steps to start for any model.

    4- Tools to leverage