A bad workman blames his tools - an unconventional talk about Jira

Let's have an objective discussion about why it's wrong to blame Jira as though the tool itself impacts team performance. Thousands of teams around the world use Jira successfully; it's by far the most successful application so given this fact let's discuss objections by some practitioners and see if we can get underneath the covers and come up with strategies for successful Agile and successful Jira.

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1.We''ll start off by stating the problem: Every time we go to a conference we have some consultants complain about Jira; in fact this topic has already been suggested to us for discussion. Our view is that Jira is just a tool - "A bad workman blames his tools"! If used badly, is no worse than any other tool.

2. A recap of the history of Agile and they key principles.

3. A quick summary of the various scaling methods pertinent to this discussion. Since the audience knows this already it will an up to 5 min point.

4. A quick history of Agile tools and an overview to level set the audience on the scope of them - how they work including integration with code repos and automated build engines.

5. What might be some of the issues - we plan to do some research and provide our own views on this.

6. How to mitigate these problems and get the most out of the tools too - ensuring that the best practices and principles hold good.

Learning Outcome

Awareness of the varying views of scaling Agile beyond the core Agile principles.

Better understanding of the state of the tools and they way they work.

Awareness of the limits of tools and some downside risks.

Practical advice on how to Agile well and leverage the tools.

Potentially a venue for healthy discussion and an exchange of views.

Target Audience

Agile Practioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

None - we assume the majority of the audience will know Agile and Jira.

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