BABOK Agile Extension Demystified

Business analysis is critical to the successful development and execution of business strategies. Organizations that embrace agile as a way of thinking apply Agile Business Analysis at different planning horizons; at the strategy horizon to set strategic direction for the organization (e.g. identify required business capabilities), at the initiative horizon to help sequence the product releases required to execute on the strategic direction and at the delivery horizon to build and deliver work required for product releases. Feedback is shared back and forth between all these planning horizons.

This presentation will provide Business Analysts with a practical view of the Agile Extension to the BABOK and reference the Agile Analysis Certification by:

  1. Introducing the agile mindset as the foundation to being Agile
  2. Presenting the agile planning horizons with practical examples
  3. In-depth discussion of the business analysis required at each planning horizon and linking it to agile practices such as SCRUM and Kanban
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Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 45 mins presentation
  • 15 mins Q/A

Learning Outcome

  1. Learn Agile mindset
  2. Learn agile planning
  3. Learn business analysis activities at the different levels of agile planning

Target Audience

Business Analysts

Prerequisites for Attendees


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