The Scaled Agile Product Development is a conference about our years of experience creating digital products based on the scrum/agile framework, the lean startup methodology and the effectuation principles. Our history begins when we noticed that we, along with a lot of our clients, small and big, struggled with the unsuitable division of projects budgets and the managing of the value creation life cycle of their always evolving digital products. Feeling that Scrum had abandoned the Product Owners to their hard and complex tasks, we started to create a serious game to help facilitate our clients' teams, and the results we discovered in every interaction, experimentation, and increment. We jumped right away into action and we started to learn fast, to succeed, to fail and to pivot while understanding how to create amazing digital products based on the true pains and the real problems of the potential users, quickly generating value and how to adapt the solution according to our business constraints and market opportunities; and all this, without big risks or investments . This is the 2-year story of how we found the path to continuous innovation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction
  2. The problem
  3. Our Story
  4. Iterations
  5. Lessons learned
  6. Questions
  7. Conclusions

Learning Outcome

This conference will help the audience to understand the process to the continuous innovation and the importance of it when created great products.

Target Audience

Product managers, product owners, project managers, scrum masters, developers, UX, designers, engineers, marketing managers, creatives, ceo, coo, cto, ect.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A beginner knowledge about agile framework and product management

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