I like to invite you to zoom in on Microstructures & essential Design Elements required to generate effective results with confrontational coaching.
...warning : experiential and unscientific method!

One might want to capture the energy after getting the attention of crowd while calling a 800 pound gorilla and slicing the elephant in the room and so turning the provocation into collectively outspoken alignment and creative problem solving.

With Liberating Structures one can enable organizational and individual transformations, unleashing an innovative perspective with simple rules that stick.

Let's involve everyone, align & unleash innovation

I will unravel the design to unleash individual brilliance and collective wisdom.
With only a minimal set of boundaries, they create space for people that tend to follow, are more introverted or don't excel in group settings.

Extend your toolkit with a set of simple rules that trigger, move & keep engaging groups of any size.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

check in

* impromptu networking : Why are you here ?
Rapidly Share Challenges and Expectations, Build New Connections

Intro theme = stretch your comfort zone to really learn

  • perception
  • mindset
  • physical

wrap up


*1-2-4-All: Tell a story about the most interesting form of decision making you have seen.

Engage Everyone Simultaneously in Generating Questions, Ideas, and Suggestions

Reflect & Share your collective moral & value (dis)agreements

(extra zoom in on a sequence of steps and time allocation)

debrief -> build up flip Design Elements




*Wicked Questions

Articulate the Paradoxical Challenges That a Group Must Confront to Succeed

(extra zoom in on a structuring invitation)

NO debrief -> build up flip Design Elements

*TRIZ => Stop Counterproductive Activities and Behaviors to Make Space for Innovation

=> behavior

debrief -> build up flip Design Elements

(extra zoom in on how the space is arranged and what materials are needed)

(extra zoom in on how participation is distributed)

wrap up Design Elements

check out

Learning Outcome

45 minutes of effective facilitation: immersive energy-distillation towards awareness of collective intelligence.

During the workshop you will experience the discovery how easy it is to use these facilitation take-aways yourself.

Target Audience

Enable groups of any size, with curiousity, energy & open mind to work at the top of their intelligence. 

Prerequisites for Attendees

reflect on : where does my personal comfort zone ends, where does the stretch snap into stress and how can I help others to expand their learning zone?

(10 post-its + 1 A4 paper + 1 sharpie) for every participant

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  • Liked Sunny Dhillon

    Sunny Dhillon / Daniel M Lynn - Powerful Observational Techniques For Coaching Teams

    90 Mins

    Starting out as a new agile coach is difficult. Where do you go? How do you start? Learn to leverage a coaching approach that focuses on observations and to form insights and goals.

    You will uncover a structured approach to coaching which aims at improving team performance by providing clear guidance and structure to the coaches and scrum masters. Through a structured approach, coaches and scrum masters will be able to better target their efforts and create demonstrable improvement in teams.

    A structured coaching approach can be applied to, but is not limited to:

    • Agile, Lean, Scrum project practices: planning, tracking, improving.
    • Agile technical practices testing
    • Product management, business analysis, and Product Owner role
    • Scrum Master role (team leadership and project management)
    • Management and Leadership principles, skills, and practices
    • Effective agile process mechanics: iteration planning, reviews, retrospectives, daily stand-up
    • Building effective self-organized and empowered product teams
    • Evaluation of tools to assist in Agile Lean practices

    After an introduction to effective observation techniques, groups will be asked to collect observations from various scenarios drawn from real-life experience with teams and organizations.. Groups will then collaborate with others and draw insights from common behaviors and trends. From this, we will leverage the Coaching Card technique to plan possible coaching paths forward and identify ways that progress could be validated and demonstrated in practice.

    Attendees will leave this session with a structured approach to guide their ongoing coaching efforts and share those experiences with others in the organization.