Tameflow : The Real Kanban - An evolution from the Kanban method

When the Kanban method was masterfully and brilliantly crafted by David Anderson, he decided at some point to let evolution take its course and leave a lot of Eli Goldratt's science on the table.

What if David Anderson would have incorporated more of TOC - Theory of Constraints, DBR - Drum Buffer Rople and CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management in the original design of the Kanban method?

That is what Steve Tendon did with Tameflow - The Real Kanban. It will make you feel good to know more about this great thinker who's work at Borland influenced Sutherland in the design of Scrum.

This talk will lead you to a new world of Hyper Performance


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session will be structured as follows:

- What did the Kanban method take from Eli Goldratt and what was left behind

- What 'Tameflow - The Real Kanban Approach' has included from Eli Goldratt and why did Steve Tendon do that !

- The social engineering pattern of Real Kanban - Core Principles from McCarthy

- The flow pattern of Real Kanban - Unity of Purpose

- Column WIP limits contradicting the principle number 6 of the Kanban method and preventing analysis of common cause variation

- CCPM and Contingency Buffers to 1) strengthen CFD analysis 2) Improve labor liquidity 3) Aid in Portfolio management

- How to apply by the book Goldratt's DBR - Drum Buffer Rope to a Kanban system design : focus properly on the constraint and beat CMMI everyday

- Throughput octane and why the Kanban method is not fit for purpose to focus on Throughput improvements and only good for Lead Time improvements

- How to distinguish a red Kanban board from a green Kanban board

- How to treat bottleneck in the flow of work vs constraint in the work process


Learning Outcome

Participants will appreciate the 2 nobel patterns of Real Kanban - Unity of Purpose and Community of Trust

Participants will understand the benefits of applying scientific patterns to reach agility

Participants will learn how to incorporate yet more scientific knowledge from Goldratt into their Kanban implementation

Participants will be able to unleash their ability to focus on Throughput maximization (sales) as the Kanban method is better suited to Lead Time optimization only (time to market)

Participants will discover Unity of Purpose - How to achieve Financial Flow, Operational Flow, Informational Flow and Psychological Flow by using one simple congruent model understood by all participants of the system

Cost of Delay (CoD) can be improved via Goldratt's TOC - Theory of Constraints

Why column WIP limits can be bad for you

Target Audience

For those who want to take the Kanban method to the next level

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants need to come with an open mind and know the basics of the Kanban method.

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