Iterate, Iterate, Iterate - iterative exercises to form Agile teams

This talk will present two exercises in a form of games designed to help new teams accept Agile basics and gel quicker. These exercises target the essential goal of self-organization from two different fronts. The first exercise demonstrates that self-organization is possible with any heterogeneous group of people. The second is designed to allow any group of people to self-coalesce into stable Agile - Scrum (sized) teams under small set of predefined restrictions.

During the talk both exercises will be described and the audience will take part in a simulation of each one, active participation will be expected from all attending.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction, short discussion of self-organizing teams and the goals of each game
  • Description of the first exercise - The counting game
  • Play 2-3 iterations of the game
  • Discussion
  • Description of the second exercise - The forming game
  • Play 2-3 iterations of the game
  • Discussion

Learning Outcome

The session will provide an effective tool for Agile practitioners and trainers to introduce a concept of self-organizing teams and to form new teams.

Target Audience

Anyone starting in Agile or helping others start on this path

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