We all know trust in a team is important, but how can we build it?

Teams that get out of their comfort zones together increase what Jonathan Haidt refers to as their “group’ishness”. That is, they come together as a group and build up their trust for one another.

In this session we will play a series of improv exercises that you can use with your teams to get to know each other more. In addition you’ll also learn how these exercises work towards building up the trust and group’ishness of your teams.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be an interactive session where we warm-up together and perform and explore two difference improv exercises for getting to know your team better.

Learning Outcome

What group’ishness is and why it’s important

How getting out of your comfort zone together can build team trust

Three activities you can use with your teams tomorrow

Learn more about your fellow participants

Target Audience

Anyone looking to help their teams comes together or who are kicking off new teams

Prerequisites for Attendees


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