Oftentimes when we say we want accountability, what we really mean is that we want a change in behavior. This talk will go over the story of how we’ve been working on redefining accountability at Spotify from its traditional, carrot and stick approach to one that focuses on continuous learning and behaviors that individuals can master to drive better results. 

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Great Expectations

where we figure that if we can just be really clear that we want results, then we will get results

The Blame Game

where we try to find who is really accountable for project success and failure

It’s Not Complicated -- It's Complex

where we look beyond the individual and see The Matrix

Accountability Reloaded

where we redefine what accountability should mean, so we can get the outcomes we really want

Behaviors That Drive Results

where we talk about what individual project management behaviors are best able to lead to the outcomes we really want

Stories That Drive Behaviors

where we tell the stories we want to hear more of and the ones we want to hear less of, so people can author better success

Learning Outcome

You will learn what tools Spotify is giving our project managers to get the outcomes we want, and you will understand the evolution of our thinking from accounting of people's actions to enabling effective behaviors.

Target Audience

Anyone managing projects or managing project managers

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