Agile Everywhere: fuel your entire organization with Agile

Agile Everywhere is a panel presentation and discussion of how Agile philosophy and methods throughout an organization provides a competitive advantage as well as a more transparent and happier working environment.

Agile practitioners will speak on how embracing Agile in non-software activities have enabled Myplanet to distinguish itself from its competitors, provide value, and create a unique and vibrant workplace. 


Outline/Structure of the Panel

The session will consist of a panel style presentation focusing on business activities including:

  • Executive strategy and vision
  • Design and creative activities
  • Company administration 

Following the presentation, a moderated Q&A session will be offered.

Learning Outcome

  1. Participants will see how Agile principles can inform the processes across most areas of business activity
  2. Participants will be able to explore how Agile can transform their entire organization
  3. Participants may gather new ways to implement effective change within their own organization
  4. Participants will garner actionable next steps to begin transforming their organization right away.

Target Audience

Managers, C-level, entrepreneurs

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    Shanly Suepaul - Flow is BS

    Shanly Suepaul
    Shanly Suepaul
    Sr. Developer
    schedule 3 years ago
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    60 Mins

    The promotion of Flow, and the closely related concept of the 10x engineer, are pervasive and persistent beliefs which hamper value delivery in complex and multi-disciplinary teams.

    We've all experienced flow. It's probably why you got hooked on creative work. Remember the hours that evaporated while entranced in your latest project? It felt good, right? In fact, most of the writing about flow focuses on how it feels. Flow is cherished because it's emotionally rewarding. It makes work feel meaningful.

    For developers, the feeling of flow can be particularly seductive. Not only do we feel like creative geniuses, but we didn't have to talk to anyone! The flow state panders to our desire to interact only with machines.

    In addition to feeling great, we have a litany of development thought-leaders decrying our shift to open offices and collaborative team spaces. Why? Because they prevent contributors from getting to the flow state. In Joel Spolsky's words:

    Open space is fun but not productive. ... Every time I went out there to talk to one of them, it became a conversation with all of them; every time two people had to talk, instead of going off to a quiet space somewhere, they just spoke directly to each other, interrupting the other two's concentration. Although this slightly helps keep everyone “in the loop,” it also knocks programmers out of flow causing them to lose their concentration and devastating productivity.

    But does being in the zone equate to greater productivity? Or more value delivery?

    I'd like to suggest that collaborative work styles are the best way we deliver value. Let's take a look at the concept of flow from an agile perspective. We'll kill some cherished (but wrong) beliefs about work styles along the way and replace them with some ideas on work styles that increase value delivery and promote diversity.

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    Pradeep Nadgir / Rachit Shankar - PLENT-A-GO: Exploring Enterprise Agile Transformation Using LEGO

    90 Mins


    Large organizations are facing continuous and increasing disruptions from both the startup space as well as their current competitors. Older business models, processes and tools can no longer keep pace with changing market conditions. While most organizations have identified these challenges and the need for the change to a more agile model, many of them face significant challenges in adopting agile in their organizations.

    In our experience, delivery execution using Agile is understood clearly. However, phases before execution, such as Ideation or Discovery, are a large black box and usually entails some form of waterfall thinking e.g. siloed inception phase.

    We would like to share our experiences exploring the black box of pre-execution work in enterprises using LEGO. Some of the key components that will be explored through this workshop are:

    • Team formation
    • Product roadmap & vision
    • Governance & Controls


    In this workshop we aim to provide a clear understanding of the process from ideation to execution. Throughout the workshop we will be constantly reinforcing fundamental agile concepts such as continuous improvement, fast feedback, and close collaboration between business & technology.