One of the most challenging and trouble-prone aspects of agile product development is discovering the right product requirements to deliver at the right time, for the right customer. Many teams rely on user stories to discover and define agile requirements. But in reality user stories often lead to a confusing array of struggles and puzzles, such as bloated backlogs, ineffective or inconsistent planning, and erratic sprint flow. This thrashing is not how user stories are intended to work!


Join Michelina DiNunno in this fast-paced introduction of a common sense, tested approach to user stories. With a focus on delivering value, you follow a story as it’s sliced across seven product dimensions. You learn how the Structured Conversation’s framework guides the team as it explores, evaluates, and confirms stories. See how making your user stories “ready” is the key for incremental deliveries of your “Done” product.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Common struggles and puzzles with user stories
  2. How backlog refinement is about readying stories
  3. Walkthrough of example with these elements:
  • Value perspectives
  • Holistic view of stories with the 7 Product Dimensions
  • Using Structure Conversations to Slice for Value
  • Confirmation of shared understanding
  1. Using enabling specifications to get the whole story


Attendee participation to:

  • identify product options for the product dimensions
  • make priority decisions
  • defining "ready"

Learning Outcome

Practical ways to mitigate issues of user stories

The power of collaboratively uncovering user stories

The four functional and three nonfunctional dimensions of every user story

A holistic approach to stories that will smooth the way for a successful iterative delivery effort

Target Audience

Anyone currently involved in writing / contributing to user stories.

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