Addressing Cultural Problems with "Popular Theatre" Techniques

Cultural change in any organization or team is admittedly one of the most challenging processes. However, any team or group of people can be empowered to find insights and a way to address cultural issues with the techniques of "Popular Theatre" - described as theatre for the people, by the people, with the people. Participants will be taken through the simple steps of identifying challenges/problems, role-playing and creating scenes that provide a window into the issue, where everyone looks at it together and suggests steps and solutions. These scenes become a rehearsal for reality.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Participant introductions/ expectations.

2. Introduce background of Popular Theatre.

3. Exercises to assist in vocal, physical and creative freedom.

4. Identifying cultural dissonances they've experienced.

5. Self-organizing into teams.

6. Help teams through process of role-playing and collaborative scene development.

7. Presentation of scenes with audience discussion.

8. Questions.

Learning Outcome

1. A new tool: the techniques of "Popular Theatre" which can be used in diverse circumstances.

2. The effectiveness of role-playing and collaborative scene-work to solve difficulties.

3. Feeling empowered and inspired to deal with cultural dissonances.

Target Audience

Any agile practitioner at any level, working on a team, or within an organization


Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to fully participate in the exercises and activities. Participants can expect to be thoughtfully engaged, have fun and be freely creative.

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