What is the impact of your organization's culture on your agile transformation

More and more companies are, right or wrong reasons, deciding to do agile transformations.  In this talk, we question ourselves on what it takes to start an agile transformation in big corporation. We will introduce the maturity model of Mickael Spayd and Lyssa Adkins and reflect on the importance of understanding the maturity level of our company before starting an agile transformation. We will also explore, based on each maturity levels, what are the realistic expectations of an agile transformation and where people should focus on to help more the initiative forward. Finally we will also look at the individuals level of maturity and see how this impacts their companies agile transformation as well as the people themselves. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

1- Initially the talk give some information about what the maturity levels are and how to recognize them.

2- We have put up before the talk up on the walls 5 distinct areas to identify each maturity levels. We ask people to more to the maturity level where they think there company is at.

3- We have a facilitated conversation about the realization that people are having about the level where their company is and how it affects what they will do tomorrow.

4- We then ask people to more to the maturity level where THEY think THEY are personally. We then have a facilitated discussion on how people feel know that they are either exactly at the same level that their company is, or a a completely different level than their company.

5- We close wrapping all the insights generated and asking people to share what they envision, what their next move is for them, and / or their company. 

Learning Outcome

People will walk out of this talk with:

1- That Agile transformation is more about culture change and less about process implementaiton

2- The importance of understanding their company maturity level to succeed in there agile transformation

3- The high level indicators of each maturity levels and know to recognize them.

4- Help change agents to better target what area of their company they need to work on in order to have a successful agile transformation


Target Audience

Change agents in corporations, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Directors, Upper management


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