An Agile & Lean Journey for a Bank in Canada

Over the last two years, Capital One Canada has been on a Lean & Agile transformation journey across our entire business. We're still on our journey, but have already made tremendous progress, and have learnt a lot along the way. Join us for a conversation about what we've done, what we've learnt, and how you might be able to apply it to your own team or organization.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Through our successes and failures, participants will gain an understanding into what we tried, why certain things worked, why certain things did not, what they might way to try in their own situations, or how to minimize the impact when things don't play out as expected.

Learning Outcome

This will take the format of a chronological journey over the last two years, highlighting the experiments (some successful, some less than successful) as we introduced a Lean & Agile operating model into our entire business. The focus has been on finding ways to make it easier for our teams to get work done, respond to market opportunities, and deliver more value sooner for our customers. The structure of this will be a talk, with time for questions. We will include a section on key learnings which others can use.

Target Audience

Change Agents, Agile Coaches, Lean Coaches, Executives


The journey that Capital One has been on over the last couple of years parallels the journey many other large enterprises are embarking. However, we have been able to make meaningful progress on this journey, and have been able to incorporate all departments and teams, not just technology!

Participants may want to come with questions or thoughts about their own experiences.

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