Running with the Mob: Extreme collaboration with Mob Programming

Mob programming is collaboration taken to the extreme, eliciting the best from every member of the team. In this session, you will experience the dynamics of mob programming and learn how to use this technique successfully in your own environments.

After mobbing with well over thirty teams, we've seen definite patterns emerge, that we'll discuss here.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session will include both story-telling and experiential learning. Participants will use mob programming approaches to solve a small problem. We also share stories of using mob programming with many different teams.

Mob programming has been receiving more and more attention over the last few years and yet there are few people who can speak from experience on this subject. At almost every agile event that we attend, people want to hear more about this topic and we end up speaking informally about it. This is our first formal session to address the topic.

The very first mob programming conference was held in 2016 in Boston and Mike was at that, sharing his experiences. Mike is also a contributor to the first book on Mob Programming, written by Woody Zuill.

Learning Outcome

They will get a chance to learn how mob programming works, experience the dynamics of a mob programming environment, as well as learn about real-life experiences we have from several years of using it at clients.

Target Audience

Anyone on a team, coaches


Participants should have worked in an agile team.

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