Everyone wants the stories like the ones on Oprah's couch. We want the juicy tales. The mistakes so that we can avoid them. How do we learn the lessons from those who went before us, when everyone keeps their mistakes close to their chest. This is a talk from a practitioner that has worked with some of the largest companies in the world. He will share with you all the mistakes he made so you can enjoy a better life. Learn from a leader in the market and look like a hero. Nobody needs to know your secret.

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

-Agile teams retrospective and leadership freaks out

-Retrospectives expose brittleness of organization

-Leadership doesn’t attend training

-Leadership believes Agile has nothing to do with them

-Leadership doesn’t want Agile they want faster delivery

Learning Outcome

The structure will be to go through each of my engagements and talk about when I hit road blocks and what caused them to come unstuck. Then how in future I was able to navigate around them.

Target Audience

People who are interested in a successful implementation

Prerequisites for Attendees

Pen and paper (To write down all the mistakes they aren’t going to make)

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