Growing leadership agility: How to cultivate leadership agility in our organizations and our lives?

Why do we need leadership agility in today’s rapidly changing, interconnected, uncertain, complex world?

What is leadership agility and how can we cultivate it in our organizations and in our lives?

How is organizational agility constrained by leadership agility?

Ann-Marie will lead you on an exploration of these questions and more. You will learn about staged growth development leadership and how taking an integral approach to our leadership produces more effective leaders.

This workshop is based on the work of Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs who authored Leadership Agility: five levels of mastery for anticipating and initiating change.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The session starts with a check-in meditation, which may seem a bit unorthodox - it sets the stage for the session by tapping in to the seeds of greatness that we have within us. Growing our leadership agility requires taking an integral approach - combining leading from the outside in with leading from the inside out. It requires developing emotional intelligence competencies.
Invite participants to describe today's world and define what agility means to them. Introduce the metaphor for leadership agility, which is a camera, where one focus, take a step back, reflect to gain a deeper, broader view and act - re-engage & take action.
The staged growth development characteristic profiles would be posted on the walls, which the teams will utilize as a resource for the interactive exercise.
Introduce the leadership agility compass and the reflective action cycle.
Facilitate the interactive exercise - break out into groups and have each group report back/share.
The interactive exercise involves small groups (5 per team) collaborating & practicing the reflective action cycle with the leadership agility compass based on a profile of a leader in different staged growth development (e.g. expert, achiever, catalyst). I'd provide the scenario profile of the leader or teams can use their own if they have one. In the exercise, teams will discuss the power style (assertive, accommodating and practice balancing advocacy with inquiry), consider the stance of the leader, engaging in pivotal conversation, approach to team leadership and organizational change.
Share how to develop our leadership agility.
The session wraps up with a review & reflect journaling for participants to write down "what one gained & experienced of value in the session and is taking back to apply in one's context/world".
At the end, share some additional resources and my own transformation journey if participants are interested.
I presented this session at the Waterloo Agile Lean P2P in May and it was well received. I am facilitating a follow-up workshop session at work with our Women in Security (WISE) group and at MindCamp in Aug. These would serve to share the practice, learning and insights with more leaders; and assist me in improve upon the session and fine tune it prior to sharing it at Toronto Agile Community Conference in Nov.

Learning Outcome

  • Gain an appreciation of leadership agility and why it is needed in today’s world
  • Gain an understanding of staged growth development leadership and the four competencies for Agile leadership
  • Practice application of the reflective action cycle
  • Learn how to grow your own leadership agility to apply in one's own context

Target Audience

Leaders and those wanting to grow one's leadership agility competencies



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