What happens if we build it and they don’t come?

Building features no one cares about is not only bad because the feature isn’t getting used, but is also a wasted opportunity that could have been used to build something truly valuable for your customers.

But how would we know?

In many companies, features get prioritized by the HiPPO principle (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion). As it turns out, this is often not the most effective way to prioritize your backlog.

But if not this, then what?

In this workshop we explore what value is, how to talk about it, and how we might measure the value we have achieved.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session will begin by outlining why we need to understand value as well as an overview of some basic economic theories of value. We then apply these theories to a hypothetical trading card purchase to see how they would manifest themselves in the real world.

From there, we will look at different ways to think about cateogorizing our features and how we can articulate to others not only what the feature is, but why it is valuable to us.

We'll look at things like the Kano model, Pirate Metrics and the work of Ronald J. Baker.

Finally, participants will have a chance to run through an exercise using a simple canvas to categorize features they are currently working on.

Learning Outcome

What is value?

How do we articulate value to others?

What are different dimensions in which we can look at value?

How do we know that this is the right feature right now?

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, anyone focused on delivering value to customers

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