Description of the presentation: by participating in this session, the audience will understand what a Sprint Goal is and how it can be useful to them. I understood early in my work how important is for a team to be focused and more important, aligned perfectly with the Product Owner’s priorities. The problem is that you can’t keep a team focused or in sync only by giving them a long list of user stories to work on. It will be pretty hard to remember all of them after a day or two, not to talk about “why” do they need to build them. Would be way better, in order to keep the focus, to make them understand the idea behind their work. This is when the Sprint Goal comes into discussion.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Sprint Goal:

  • Helps the Product Owner and the team to commit to something valuable for the client(s).
  • Helps Development Team understand that they have flexibility regarding the functionality implemented.
  • Product Owner and Development Team have a common understanding about the work they share.
  • Product Owner will prioritise easier.
  • Product Owner will know who to invite to inspect the product.
  • Product Owner will communicate better with the stakeholders.
  • Helps the Product Owner to integrate the feedback.

Learning Outcome

Learn how to use the Sprint Goal.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Engineers

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