Teams starting their agile journey don't realize the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge. Often, they withhold information, have their own personal agendas and are passive-aggressive to collaboration.

In this game-play, teams realize how information is often distributed among the team members, and without collaboration, they cannot be successful.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Game play

10 minutes - Background - Game Setup

15 minutes - Game iteration 1

5 minutes Debrief

15 minutes - Game iteration 2

10 minutes - Debrief / Q&A

5 minutes - Wrap up

Learning Outcome

In a playful way, teams can realize collaboration is important.

Each team will have a second chance to do it right (iteration 2) so that they just don't hear from the presenter, but experience it first-hand.

Target Audience

Agile teams, team members, scrum masters, agile coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be a sport

Come ready to play

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