Learning Compass and Evolution Guide for Scrum Masters

Big shout out to all Scrum Masters and also to the aspiring scrum masters. Do not miss this opportunity to level up your game.

This workshop will enrich you with self awareness what's lacking and will provide all tools and tricks and conscious plan to evolve as scrum master.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Scrum Master Role Insights

Myths Around Role

self evaluation sheet

progress chart

special learning compass and evolution guide.

loads of fun activities

Learning Outcome

level up in your role as scrum master

or start your journey as scrum master

Target Audience

Scrum Masters and Aspiring Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti / Subhendu Bhanti - Success Formula for Agile Projects

    90 Mins

    It took me 15 Years to come up with this recipe.

    I have developed my own formula - key aspects to ensure success of Agile Projects.

    My Own Developed Method FOR Product Discovery

    How to leverage each Events to get closure to Ultimate Goal of Happy Customers.

    I will share Agile enablers and Secrete formula for Agile Project Success

    This session will bring new perspective, leverage their own contribution and performance in Agile team as individual and as a team.

    Audience will learn new method _ I call it success formula

    last but not the least how to sustain and leverage agility throughout the project life cycle.

  • Liked Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti

    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti / Subhendu Bhanti - Reinvent Leadership

    90 Mins

    This session will bring undiscovered perspective of Leadership. In Agile Context we coined Servant Leadership - how its meaning has changed in todays' scenario.

    I am going to share Magic Box for Leaders and for those who shares transformation passion and takes leadership as craft.

    Intent is to enable leaders in their Agile Leadership journey.