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  • helpHow to provide proposal feedback to speakers?

    • You can give feedback and suggestions to speakers by commenting on the proposal.
    • On the proposal, scroll down to comment section and click on button.
    • A text editor appears. Fill in your comment and click on button.

  • helpHow to share proposal feedback with other Committee Members?

    • We recommend you add a comment on the proposal and mark the comment as Private Comment.
    • Please note that Private Comments are only visible to the program committee.
  • helpHow to vote for a proposal?

    • To Vote for a proposal, you must be a committee member of the conference.
    • On the proposal page, under Committee Votes section, select your desired vote from the drop down and then click on .

      Please note that your votes are only visible to the Program/Theme Chair. Other reviewers cannot view your votes.
  • helpWhere can I view all my votes?

    • Under Admin > Dashboard section.