Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee

Developer Advocate
Solace Corporation
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Aaron Lee

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Aaron Lee is Solace’s Developer Advocate of the CTO Team, responsible for driving the growth of Solace developer community. Aaron is being the “voice of the user” for external developers to the Solace Product Development team to make products easier to use and more suitable for developers.

Prior to taking the developer Advocate role, Aaron was the Solution Architect at Solace. He helped support key global customers such as like JP Morgan, Citibank, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank in Asia Pacific and Japan region. He joined Solace in 2011 and has helped clients evaluate, architect, and maximize their utility of Solace technology. Aaron was also held a position as senior professional services consulting in Solace.

Aaron has extensive experience in financial services industry. He involved in major projects including building detailed Solace monitoring infrastructure at Barclays, architecting bonds trading platform at BGC, working with Hong Kong Jockey Club on the next-generation betting platform as well as supporting Royal Bank of Canada in developing the equities trading platform.

Prior to Solace, Aaron worked with Larus Technologies in Ottawa as a developer, consulting on projects with the Canadian Army for 6+ years on NATO sensor data applications. Aaron holds a master’s degree in computer science from Carleton University in Ottawa and an honours bachelor of mathematics.