Aaron W Hsu

Aaron W Hsu

Computer Scientist
Indiana University
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Aaron W Hsu

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I'm a passionate computing artist with over a decade of experience in Scheme before I began to explore the wider application of array languages to HCI/d, parallel programming, human/computer performance, and human to human communication.

I work on a lot of software, and I have worked on all sorts of little trinkets throughout my life as a programmer and Computer Scientist. You can find little pieces of my work at GitHub.

However, my main project these days is the Co-dfns compiler, which is a high-performance, parallel APL compiler that is itself implemented in Co-dfns using a purely data-parallel compiler construction technique that avoids branching, recursion, or explicit control structures such as looping. Instead, the entire compiler is a data-flow program constructed through array programming and function composition in the simplest manner imaginable.