Abeer Rahman

Abeer Rahman

Engineering Manager
Deloitte Consulting
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Abeer Rahman

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I'm an engineering manager at Deloitte with a focus on Agile enablement and DevOps delivery.

I've worn many hats over the years: a business analyst, a developer, a tester, an Agile coach, a scrum master... and more recently, as an engineering manager of development and operations teams where I get to play with the latest DevOps tools, challenge the status quo of stale, ineffective culture, to create better teams to help team members do the best they can.

Having hands-on experience in several software delivery projects I've come to believe that the software is only as good as the process in place. 

As a consultant, I've worked in a number of local industries: the financial sector, such as banking, insurance; public sector (provincial and federal); and local startups.

If you see me at the conference, come say hi!