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Professionally: I'm a Sr. Agile coach at AgileThought with a decade of Agile experience helping technology and business teams in multiple industries. I am a skilled consultant, coach and servant leader, bringing out the best in individuals and teams at all levels of the organization. My high level of empathy helps me serve clients to achieve exceptional outcomes. I am an enthusiastic, energetic leader who is passionate about growing individuals and teams to exceed what they thought was possible. 

Personally: I'm a family man with a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful daughters. I love spending time with them and we love to travel and be outdoors in nature. I am also a gearhead, which means I love cars and pretty much anything with an engine. Lastly, I am a real estate investor focused on commercial multifamily (apartments). When I'm not spending time as an agile coach or with my family, I'm working on my love of real estate investing.