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Ahmad Iqbal

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Ahmad Iqbal

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I have been an entrepreneur since my last year at university where I started a promotional products company, suppling customized "swag" for conferences and corporate events. At age 22, my partner and I started an event technology company, providing ticketing, registration and event management tools for conferences. We ran this business for about four and half years before exiting. It was during this period of my life that I was introduced to lean startup and agile product development. It is also when the seeds of "agile marketing" were also planted.

Up till very recently I was a senior consultant at Deloitte, in their Agile Transformation practice, but have now steered off to start my own business. Playbook is an Agile Marketing boutique, we train and coach marketing teams on the agile operating model. In addition to consultancy, we are also developing an automated chatbot which acts as a virtual coach on the topics of Agile Marketing.

Over the years I have grown an interest in the intersection of product and marketing. The more lean and agile work I do, the more I am convinced that product and marketing teams should be integrated.