Ahmad Sadr Ghayeni

Ahmad Sadr Ghayeni

Manager, Enterprise Agile Transformation
Deloitte Consulting
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Ahmad Sadr Ghayeni

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I've been helping organizations through their Agile transformation for over 5 years. The transformations have ranged from 500 to 15,000+, but all the transformations fundamentally have more in common than not. I find the degree of the challenges tend to change with size: management styles tend be much more outdated with larger organizations, changing team structures and team alignment tends to be harder and funding is now the new scrum for organizations in terms of ambiguity.

It might sound corny, but as long as I remember, I wanted to live with a purpose and I found it in Agile. Here comes the really corny bot, so I decided to changing the world one company & one team at a time!! Before that I was globetrotter and somewhat of a hippie trying to find a purpose building orphanages in Africa and traveling the world to find Ahmad.

Now I want to reshaping how we think products, teams and leadership.

I’m a DIY, nature & travel enthusiast, I’m a foodie, craft beer, wine and scotch enthusiast. Let’s chat if any of these resonates.

I think this just might make a great Tinder profile!! ;-)