Ahmed Avais

Ahmed Avais

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Ahmed Avais

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Ahmed Avais is an Enterprise Agile Coach, focused on Business Agility. He brings his natural and insatiable curiosity to invite people into his teaching and learning. He uses a variety of tools and techniques, all focused on helping teams and businesses more clearly see their system, allowing them to unleash their potential.

His background in engineering and software development for 20 years has set the stage for continued growth and partnerships. His agile journey started in 2008 through the Lean Startup community in Chicago. He’s been an entrepreneur and intrapreneur working for Fortune 500 companies. He’s launched, coached, and sustained hundreds of teams. And specializes in working with senior leadership teams to make lasting change stick. He’s led teams of coaches, scrum masters, and change agents to make transformations real. He’s helped cultures shift from managers to coaches, secretive to inclusive, and accidentally diminishing to multipliers.

He’s worked in startups, healthcare, financial technology, and non-profits, where the stakes are high and complexity is unprecedented. He’s an expert on complex adaptive systems and guides organizations toward next wise actions.