Alidad Hamidi

Alidad Hamidi

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Alidad Hamidi

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As a facilitator, my aspiration is to help people in organisations to focus on learning to think, empathise and act together better. This is so far the closest definition that explains how I think about organisational coaching.

I help organisations to create conditions for adaptive strategy development, agile portfolio governance framework and self organising delivery teams that enable effective discovery of customer needs and delivery of business outcomes.

I am also a co-creator of a proprietary Portfolio Management, Value Discovery and Agile Delivery framework for Regulatory and Compliance programs that results in:

- High value compliance outcomes coupled with strategic value

- Smart allocation of funding, shorter and effective delivery cycles

- Traceability throughout delivery

- Optimised business impact (manageable by business)

Using this framework, major institutions have effectively delivered regulatory programs with budget between $40 to  $300 million that results in compliance to regulatory outcomes while increasing operational efficiency and improving customer experience.