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Amber Gokcen

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Amber Gokcen studied Business Systems Analysis, Total Quality Management (Kaizen), and Psychology at the University of Wollongong. She is currently the COO at Acquate and a Leadership coach.

At Acquate, her skills were utilized to mesh kaizen/continual improvement with IT and software development. Acquate recently launched the world's first end-to-end business systems software called ED, to lead your organization as a system. ED was developed in collaboration with The W. Edwards Deming Institute®. Amber developed the psychology component.

Her research paper, Aim as a System, whom she co-authored with TJ Gokcen, was presented and published at the 21st Annual Deming Research Seminar, in Washington DC. The paper was one of the most highly attended and rated sessions at the conference and was very well received by the Deming community. Amber is continuing her research in Positive Psychology and Well-being.